How To Start Freelancing With No Experience 2021

In the internet world, there are millions of websites and apps that can really give you money sounds great, huh but it’s true that you can make money online by doing a simple task, while these apps won’t make you rich but they can earn you a fair amount of money But if you have skills you’ll make more than you need but beware of scam apps or website that ask for a fee to register.

You need no experience to start this job but you need to learn a little bit by watching videos on YouTube or reading helping articles about freelancing so Today we’re going to tell you about Freelancing Now if you are a newbie then you first need to know what is freelancing?

What is freelancing?

There are millions of videos on YouTube and articles on google you can find which can tell you about freelancing. But in simple words, I am going to tell you what is freelancing? If you have some skills.

For Example: if you know about picture editing then in freelancing a customer who needs to edit their picture they contact you in your freelancing profile.

Then you get orders to edited their picture after editing the picture they give you money for completing their order then you can withdraw the money instantly easily in your Bank Account and in Pakistan, you can withdraw your money in jazz cash.

Top 5 Freelancing Skills

There are many skills of freelancing on the internet that can really make you a millionaire but the skills I mentioned are easy to learn and easy to work and really gives you passive income.

Video Editing

if you know about these skills then you can earn passive earning from freelancing because their customers are giving thousand of orders of video editing in freelancing platforms for their YouTube video editing videos or personal use Vlogs Etc. If you don’t know about these skills so my opinion is to learn this skill because this can help you a lot in the future.

Picture Editing

photo editing skills are the best skills to learn if you are a beginner because its easy to know and the good thing about picture editing is you can easily learn these skills on your mobile phone there are many apps on the play store where you can learn picture editing but in my opinion start from Canva or Pushcart.

Internet Research 

This service is very easy because it is up to your research.

For Example: if anyone needs to start their business or brand then they need an idea to start they need an internet researcher so they can give them ideas after researching on the internet so they can know the present position of the market which can easily help them to chose what’s best for there business.

Web Designing

web designing is the most profitable skill because on the internet thousands or you can say millions of people are making daily blogs or there WordPress websites but they don’t know how to design their websites therefore they move to Google and search for freelancer of web design and hire it for there website after completing the web designing they give them money for there work.

Article Writer

if you are an article writer then you can earn 30$ to 50$ on 1000 words only writing articles for your customers’ websites, blogs Etc. only you need to research the topic or niche that your customer gives to you and then write in your own words That’s it this simple work can give you money easily.


if you really want to know my opinion so ok I am telling you according to me in the present Latest technology world like the internet it is easy to make money online from your home just sitting on your chair with the help of the internet, computer and your skills but you need to know the right way to start your online business.

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